Bigroom is a creative studio with offices in Lausanne and Thessaloniki. For the past 5 years we’ve been crafting branded experiences of built environments for discerning clients. With a formal background in architecture, we are able to deconstruct a project and find the most appropriate communication method to inform, persuade and engage target audiences. We take our clients’ ideas and aspirations, and we find imaginative ways to help communicate them so that they are clearly understood by their target audiences. This enables our clients to win competitions, generate funding, gain planning permission, attract tenants and secure high levels of exposure.

The Studio

BigRoom was established as a visualization studio in 2015 in Lausanne Switzerland.Our work is characterized by a fluid narrative which is inspired by fine arts, cinematography,drama and concept design.

Our goal through the use of this sometimes more transparent and sometimes more opaque narrative is to create memories, impressions, emotions and visions which otherwise would not be possible through the procedure of a clear, sterilized representation.

In our today's environment which is more and more defined by an ecology of screens and images, we offer to our clients the proper tools to succeed.


Giannis Kotsanis
Yanis Kotsanis

Born in 1983, he graduated from the school of architecture of A.U.T.H. Since 2008 he is collaborating with several architectural practices and participated in various workshops, competitions and excibitions.In 2015 he co-founded BigRoom along with Yorgos Sofronidis.

George Sofronidis
George Sofronidis

Born in 1981. Graduated from the school of architecture of A.U.T.H. After his studies and until today he participates in several competitions and works as an architect and CG artist for various projects. In 2012 he founded BigRoom architects and since 2015 he is co-founder of BigRoom Visualization along with Yanis Kotsanis.

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